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About Amissvie

Amissvie understand the requirements of the world market. We design to maximize sales potential of your product as well as making your products safe and secure. We take into account the persona of your product. In other words we help you design display products that best fit the products you sell. If the display looks fantastic so will your products.



A = Art 

M = Manufacture 

I= Ideal 

S= Stylish 



I= International

E= Elite  

Amissvie supply cabinets that stand up to the rigors of the real retail world and with stand constant staff use. Displays that are fast to get stock out and sell. Ultra clear and strong glass. Perfect cabinet jounery and finish. A retailoutlet that still looks great after time, keeps you making  money. This is what Amissvie Delivers.


We make all our LED lighting in out factory with unique circuit production as well as easy replacement. other innovative designs include lifting mechanisms that produce remote controlled pop up kiosks and exhibition displays. All backed with the certification you need.




Our head designer will design your perfect shop, Kiosk or other displays you require. Once the design is right beautiful 3D images that let you see your project before it is made. You can even visit us and help design your own project.


We specialize in Shops, Kiosks, Showcases, Service Centres, Visual Display Units, Mechandise Displays, Boxing, Shop display furniture and window displays for a wide range of retail stores and shopping malls. Hence you get 'One Stop Factory'. This saves a massive amount of time in travel, logistics and subsequently, money.




 If you want the perfect solution please contact Amissvie now so we can deliver it to you.



About Amissvie
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