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JIBAOZHAI Jewelry Classical Store Design

Brand Name: JIBAOZHAI    
Evaluation:Established 1982   
Launch: Pearl amber jade      

Characteristic: Low price, high quality, professional

JIBAOZHAI JEWELRY STORE has been established since 1982.Since it establishment, JIBAOZHAI, as one of the modern jewelry company, has developed into a company which engages in procurement, processing, wholesale, retail. Over these years, JIBAOZHAI always pursues the low price, high quality and stability of the market.


JIBAOZHAI possesses a professional team that is master in carving in succession on the basis of traditional craft. It in Kunming,  Yunnan province,  located in the center of the century-old  street , there is  a set  of sightseeing, tourism, nostalgia, viewing, shopping at a whole, and its growing into a jewelry culture garden. JIBAOZHAI puts his ideas into the living soil of culture, historiography of injection, closed to the jade, thousands of years of Chinese jade culture reflect incisively and vividly!

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