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ELINSUN Jewelry Branding Store Custom Design

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Brand Name:     ELINSUN
Evaluation:       Established  2010
Launch:           XINDEYUAN SLIVER
Characteristic:   Build for new urbanism youth

ELINSUN as a faith manufacturer and the brand was founded for the year 2010, is a natural gem fashion brand, is designed for the pursuit of, pure, simple, fashionable life of new urbanism youth.Its products give priority to tone with concise fashion design, with some exaggeration, the originality of luxury, price span is large, meet the needs of the various customers.

 "Silver & Pure Gem" is ELINSUN brand positioning, at the same time of upgrade the silver ornament, also make up the market blank and growing consumer demand.

"ELINSUN " is outstanding for "silver" and "stone";And "ELINSUN " using natural gemstonesmore to against other brands of using synthetic match the traditional stone. The silver ornaments enhance the brand into a upper level. The brand would full-fill the  market blank and growing consumer demand. With the professional Jewelry display cases design and manufacturing by Amissvie, the brand have gain a great success in the jewelry market.

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